SK Football Coaching in Stockport and Manchester was established in June 2017, by three professional football coaches. SKFC was created to make a real difference for footballers in our community.

SKFC is unique. Our guiding principle is to put children’s football first, to ensure that football is accessible to all. All junior football teams coached by SKFC are exactly that – junior football clubs, with volunteer committees and a not-for-profit structure. SKFC is not a league football club, as we are there to support our local community clubs – not to compete with them.

The SKFC ethos is simple: give players in our community more, and better quality, opportunities. SKFC help support, develop and grow our local grassroots clubs. Helping our most talented players get chances to showcase themselves at the right academies is also paramount to us. Being focused on the development of ‘all players’ is a tall order, but at SKFC, we have the tools to help players of all development levels to improve and achieve. We do this through streamed groups with coaches who have a passion to help everyone achieve their goals.

All our coaches are volunteers at local junior football clubs, working with a multitude of grassroots teams – helping players to improve, and passing on their valuable experience to other volunteer coaches. See below for the football coaching in Stockport we provide.

For any information about SKFC, use the Enquiries page to get in touch with our team, who are always available to help! Also, install our Team App to stay up to date with everything we do at SKFC.