SKFC Fridays Coming Soon…

It’s no secret that SK’s rapid development has come as quite a surprise. At the beginning of last month (June 2017), we sat down to discuss what was the best solution to give our existing players the development centre and progression opportunities they deserve. At the end of that meeting, we had decided that SKFC was to be born. A fortnight later, we had chosen our kit, found a temporary venue, informed our groups, gone through all the admin and paperwork and devised a development plan, then ran our first session. There were more than 40 players there that night, so the three of us went away feeling pretty delighted. We knew there was a lot to learn, one being that we needed a ‘proper’ venue. So we got one. A week later, SKFC were training on a 3G pitch. There were even more players there. We came away feeling pretty happy, again!

Anyway, since then, we have doubled our numbers to 80 over (yes, 80!) players attending weekly. However, there was always this worry at the back of our minds: what about September? Well, after hours of unsuccessful phone calls and emails, we are delighted to announce that SKFC Fridays is born. We do intend to also run Tuesdays in a different area, venue permitting, but SKFC has found a new hub at Burnage Rugby Club, Heaton Mersey. We’re delighted for a variety of reasons – the main one being that we have a huge 3G facility that won’t effect the cost of training to parents. Another one is that Fridays are a perfect day for most players, as very few junior teams train on Friday evenings. Likewise, Fridays are also perfect as – being so close to the weekend – it means all the coaching input we can give our players stays fresh in their mind for gameday! Burnage Rugby Club also is a great social hub for our parents, with a warm bar for those nights where you can’t bare to be outside. It will also prove to be a great venue for meetings where necessary.

We finish at Hazel Grove on Tuesday 29th Aug, beginning at Burnage on Friday 1st September, giving us two sessions that week – a handy boost with the season starting for most players the following week! All our current players invited to join us for the move over, while spaces may be available for new players also.

If anyone needs any information, don’t hesitate to contact any of the coaches or email cropped-20245577_1465468556901369_6808015289595183452_n.jpg


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