Welcome to SKFC Development Centre Fridays! What’s New?

On the back of a fantastic weekend for our SK Football Coaching Development Centre groups, with matches and tournaments galore, we’re now hitting the back end of summer and the start of the football season. Excitingly, our move to Burnage Rugby Club’s 3G facilities is only a few days away. With the move, naturally comes a few changes.

Firstly, the new venue’s full address is: Burnage Rugby Club, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey, SK4 3EA. The next change is to the structure of the groups. Please see below for the modifications:

U6/7 (Y1/Y2): day/time TBC this week (Head Coach: Ryan)
U8/9 (Y3/4): 6-7pm (Head Coach: Joe)
U10/11 (Y5/6): 7-8pm (Head Coaches: Pete & Joe)
U11 (Y6): 7-8pm (Head Coaches: Pete & Joe)
U12/13 (Y7/8): 6-7pm (Head Coach: Pete)

We’re delighted to say that, with the reshuffle, it will bring about room for new players to come to SKFC! So what is SKFC’s Development Centre – what can it do for your son or daughter?

  • SKFC Development Centre is a coaching centre focused on developing individual players
  • SKFC Development Centre is centred around a policy of reinvestment, so that money raised is put back into the players and the groups
  • SKFC Development Centre is based on a 6 week syllabus of topics, divided into sub-topics, so that players experience and develop in a host of different areas and across the four-corner model
  • SKFC Development Centre is a coaching session that supports junior players and their junior clubs – no league teams are formed from SKFC, so we are here to be an ally of our local clubs
  • SKFC Development Centre is set up on a community basis – developing football abilities is just one return our players gain, successes also range from making new friends, developing sociability and confidence, learning leadership, learning to work together to solve problems and much more
  • SKFC Development Centre is ‘football coaching with a difference’ – read why¬†here

So that’s a bit of what we do and the returns it brings. Why do we exist? SKFC was created by three passionate junior coaches, who have long spent their days working in the grassroots football and sport industry and volunteering with their teams. However, our passion and desire was to give football back to the players and give opportunities to players from all across SK and beyond – no matter what their background. We wanted to be somewhere that put players before profit! We decided that the only place that could happen was on our own doorstep, so before we knew it – SKFC was born!

We’re also soon hoping to announce a major partner for SKFC who will be offering our players and parents a real treat for being SKFC attendees… keep your ears peeled for that! In the meantime, here’s to a successful 2017/18 season and may we wish all our players the best of luck, enjoyment and development this season in their respective teams!