SKFC Booking System

SKFC have made a huge addition to our team… a booking system! Our new system, hosted by ClassForKids (, is now live for bookings for holiday camp and development sessions. As exciting as this is, it’s clearly very new and therefore could be confusing – not least to us! So here’s a few things to help you when using the system.

How does it work for me?

For parents, this means everything is digital when signing up for SKFC! The system will mean that you can sign up with just a few clicks for SKFC sessions. It also means that you won’t need to fill any registration forms in. It should be fantastically simple, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if something’s not right.

What if I’ve already signed up to this half-term?

For the SK8 (Cheadle Hulme) Development Centre, there is obviously a merging period to be undertaken – you don’t need to do anything until the next half-term unless you’re advised otherwise from a head coach.

I need to sign up to this half-term, which method do I use?

To sign up to this half-term, use the new system! The system is embedded into the development centre page, found here: You’ll still receive a player pack!

I’d like to sign-up to the new South Manchester sessions, what do I do?

Our sessions begin in October, but you can sign up now! Again, the system is embedded into the development centre page, found here: As above, you’ll still receive a player pack!

What changes are there to holiday camp?

Holiday camp is now fully digital through the system! So no queuing at the door and no filling out details on arrival. We’ve embedded the system into the holiday camp page, found here: The only way to sign up is through the system, so even though there’s a Team App registration, parents should use the system also. The link will be included on Team App.

What changes to sessions not mentioned here, such as specialist sessions?

Nothing! But if anything does change, you’ll find out right away.

What happens with subs payments now?

Subs payments can now be done online via the system, it’s easy! However, you don’t have to use the new system to pay subs – so it can still be done via BACs or cash if you’d prefer. There is a small charge to pay online, which is the cost from the hosts (ClassForKids) for the use of their payment system. By paying BACs or cash, there’s no extra cost incurred.

Finally, if you encounter any teething problems, or are unsure about anything, contact: or speak to your head coach and we’ll make sure to help out.