About Us

SK Football Coaching was established in June 2017 by three professional coaches who share an aim of establishing and developing environment for local junior footballers to progress, enjoy themselves and compete. Since then, SK has grown from one session per week to an organisation that coaches in schools, for football clubs, providing one to one sessions and hosting a Development Centre and an Academy, as well as holiday camps as part of the SKFC Development Programme.

Our coaching philosophy is rather extensive, but – in a brief summary – it is based around both individual and team development (depending on the environment) across the FA’s four-corner model. We believe in helping all players become:

  • Creative, tactical decision makers
  • Comfortable on the ball with both feet
  • Confident leaders and comfortable being lead (basically – great team players!)
  • Physically able players in terms of speed, agility and core strength

Of course, there is much more added to this and it doesn’t even touch upon our belief for the way the game is played and how teams that we work with are set up! Likewise, details on how we coach these aspects is extremely extensive, but can be sent on request.

One of SKFC’s guiding principles from the day of its inception is that SK Football Coaching is not a grassroots league club. As an organisation, we believe that junior clubs are best run the way they have been with the support of organisations like SKFC, rather than organisations running their own clubs and competing with long-standing, historic local clubs.

To request any more information regarding any part of SK Football Coaching, feel free to contact us.