Goalkeeper Coaching

At SKFC we are partnered up with GKC Goalkeeper Coaching to provide brilliant coaching to ‘keepers of all abilities from Stockport, Cheadle, Hazel Grove and beyond. Our sessions are structured into groups that reflect each individual’s development level – this means the technical details of our goalkeeper coaching is tailored to suit the participants in the group, making sessions challenging for even the most elite goalkeepers, but not too daunting for those just starting out!

Our groups – much like outfield groups – work across the four-corner model. Our Goalkeepers’ Development Centre is beginning in September.

Topically, our goalkeepers work on their handling, distribution, communication, positioning, game related sessions and SAQ based drills. Advanced sessions work on the above, plus dealing with crosses, one versus ones, long shots, close range shots, free kicks, penalties and deflections.

Sessions are structured to be as realistic to the situations a goalkeeper finds his/herself in during a match as possible, through the use of scenarios, constant participation and having obstructions such as attackers/defenders in the goalkeeper’s eye-line.

SKFC Goalkeepers’ Development Centre runs every Monday from 6-7pm (with a 7-8pm group planned) at Burnage High School, on 3G. To register interest in the Goalkeepers’ Development Centre, one-to-ones or to find out more about goalkeeper coaching at junior clubs, please get in touch with us here.