Junior Football Clubs

Junior football team coaching is something that all of our coaches are very passionate about, with all of our coaching team having volunteered at different clubs and in various age groups, while SKFC also provide coaching to four partner junior clubs.

We are very proud of our links to so many junior clubs at SKFC and maintain a huge passion for helping clubs to grow and develop both their players and coaches. We therefore are in a position to help work with local clubs to our community, where we can provide more than just coaching. See what we do here:

  • Provide football team coaching to teams that require support, the coach takes the team at weekly sessions and also attends games as a spectator where time allows
  • Develop a training plan with a clear development pathway, for both the needs of individuals and the team as a whole
  • Support the recruitment of players for teams that need to grow
  • Organise and host events and fundraisers
  • Work with the club to create a club philosophy, following the FA’s grassroots club development plan
  • Offer coach-the-coach sessions and continually work with coaches we support
  • Provide matchday management to teams that want it

We believe that the above makes us unique to the SK area, as the majority of other organisations run their own teams (see why we don’t below) or aren’t able to provide what SKFC can.

So, why don’t we run our own club? Well it’s very simple. As an organisation, we want to be a teammate to junior clubs – an organisation that is trusted and supported. We love the community spirit and special bonds clubs create with their families. We love the passion and commitment of all the volunteers within clubs. We love seeing money that goes into a club, supporting said club and being spent on the players – not bolstering a big business’ bank balance. Ultimately – we love football, so we want to support football.

SKFC are currently coaching partners and club supporters of:

Juno United FC – https://www.facebook.com/JunoUnited/
Mountfield Rovers – https://www.facebook.com/mountfieldroversjfc/
Inter Cheadle JFC – https://www.facebook.com/InterCheadleJFC/

If you would like your team/club to become a partner of SKFC, then please get in touch with us here.