Well, summer sort of disappeared didn’t it?! It feels like it was the summer holidays yesterday! Anyway, in 5 days the holiday camp begins. At the time of writing, 89 players have registered with SKFC for our camp days.  We coaches have spent - and continue to spend - hours planning our sessions, structures and [...]



SKFC are now using Team App as our primary method of communication! Team App is a revolutionary app for sports teams, community groups and asssociations. It's used by groups up and down the country to update members, share images, run events and even offer special extras such as live scores and team selections! Our Team [...]

SKFC Fridays Coming Soon…

It's no secret that SK's rapid development has come as quite a surprise. At the beginning of last month (June 2017), we sat down to discuss what was the best solution to give our existing players the development centre and progression opportunities they deserve. At the end of that meeting, we had decided that SKFC [...]

SKFC U6/7 Development Group

Ryan, Pete and Joe are delighted to today announce that our new U6/7 group will begin on July 11th at Hazel Grove High School. Our new group will be coached primarily by Ryan, but also by Joe on occasion. Both Joe and Ryan are very experienced in coaching this age group and will begin by [...]