Specialist Sessions

SKFC Specialist Sessions: what do they do?





SKFC deliver specialised sessions for players wishing to work on specific areas of their game. Our sessions look to develop individuals across the four-corner model in their relevant roles:


Sessions follow a specific 6-week syllabus, tailored completely to the individual/group’s needs. Sessions will tend to include: a technical warm-up, a repetitive practice with progressions, speed, agility & quickness and a competitive, fun end-game based around the main topic of the session.

The structure of a ‘specialist session’ is based around the group’s specific playing position – we work from a 6 week programme focusing on different areas around that position – for example, GK’s might work on low saves, long shots, crosses etc. The main body of each session is working on the technique, skill and understanding of the topic. For example a striker might work on the technique of volleying the ball, the skill required to perform it in-game and the understanding of when, why and how. The session then ends with a small competition among the group focused on the session’s practice. 

The aim for every session is for the group to develop the technique required for the topic focus, the skill and importantly develop the groups understanding of how developing these areas of yourself will help you become a better player. 

For more information on our specialist football coaching programme, see the contact form below. Alternatively, email our specialist head coach, Ryan: ryan.worrall@skfootballcoaching.com.